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To help you better understand how Indeed treats your personal data, we’ve prepared this brief overview of our full policy.

Our Privacy Policy describes the collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal and Non-Personal Data whether you interact with us through our online and/or mobile websites, apps, services, software, over the phone, in person, or in any other way.  (India) Private Limited owns and operates the website accessible at the domain name “ ” (the “Site” or “Web Site”) (tech-marketing). tech-marketing practice is to follow all privacy laws. The Web Application Protocol (WAP) version of the Site and any other mobile apps through which the Site is accessed fall within the purview of this policy.

When you interact with our websites or use our apps, we gather information about you. When you input this information on our site, email it to us, or provide it to us in any other way, we get and keep it.

Information is collected only if voluntarily submitted by you. For example:

Give me the best means by which to get in touch with you, including your name, email, physical, and cellular numbers.

You’re sending us a resume with your work experience

Details for posting a resume on tech-marketing .com

You’ve imported data from other programmes;

Any details you provide us when you get in touch with tech-marketing

If you supply it, your race, ethnicity, or gender. The legislation mandates the collection of certain information from some employers;

Details about your organisation, including its name, size, and specialization, are required.
We compile employment-related data from a wide range of publicly accessible web resources, such as databases that catalogue job opportunities and social media platforms that facilitate networking among job seekers.

We do not alter or generate such information; rather, we utilize it only for the purpose of displaying such information on a “as is where is basis” for the users in order to fulfil their job-related needs. Clicking on those specific job postings would take the user back to the owner’s original site.

The qualifications, sincerity, legitimacy, and veracity of the aforementioned hosted information have not been verified or authenticated by us. Users should use their own judgement before using or relying on any of the aforementioned information. Without notification or information to anybody, including but not limited to, regulatory or judicial authorities, we retain the right to remove the aforementioned information at our sole discretion or in response to a request for its removal.

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