Privacy Policy

We consider your privacy equally important as we consider ours. The security of your personal data is our prime responsibility. After you get in touch with our community, we take all possible steps to secure the information you share with us. Building relations on trust and transparency is our sole aim. Our privacy policy comprises of the following factors.

Data Collection and its Usage

You are required to provide us with certain specific information before registration. This includes your name, nationality, e-mail address and some other personal details.

The reason behind this data collection is to develop strong interaction. We use your provided information to remain in contact with you, and to brief and update you about the ongoing services and projects.

For the sake of research and proper web analysis we require some details about your personal profile so we use your given information to carry constructive analysis to later improve the lacking areas.

According to the situation, if there’s any need, we can also share your information with some third party who is somehow involved with us. But we assure to never leak your personal data to strangers. Your data is safe and secured with us.

Data Security

Your personal details and contact information are highly secured and safe with us. We never provide outsiders with your personal data, we even not share your data with our partners. Your privacy is our foremost obligation. We never sell your data for personal favors. As discussed earlier, it remain just between us and shared with a third party if necessary.

We’ve specified some members of our staff to manage and take care of your privacy.

We grant you with complete right to refuse us from providing your data. However, you’ll be deprived of some related benefits but the responsibility will not be on our shoulders. It will be your choice.


We’ve linked some other websites on our site too. However, we don’t take the responsibility of any act performed by them. Their privacy policy is not approved or assured by us. If you visit their website we recommend you to keenly read their privacy policy before sharing your personal information. Any mishap or unethical act performed by them is not our responsibility. We’re not answerable to that.

Legal Contradiction

We guarantee the preservation  of your personal information but we secure our right to share it with legal authorities if demanded. We can also use it to defend the allegations filed against us.

Cookies Policy

To keep the session active and alive we have some of your data stored on our website. This data helps us to remember you and your preferences.

Adserver Google act as our third party. We utilize this cookie data to know about your interests and the sites you visit frequently. Knowing this helps us to provide you with the content you might be interested in.

Revised Policy

As the time passes by, changes occur in the surrounding world. Marketing world is experiencing great changes with every passing day. According to the situation and to remain dominant in the crowd we need to revise our privacy policy sometimes. So it is a good habit to read the privacy policy frequently. We on our behalf, try to notify you if we made any important change in the policy and is concerned to you.