Terms & Condition

We wholeheartedly welcome you to our website. You’re suggested to read all these points keenly because you have to agree to all these points to avail our services

For Authors

  • Any content you submit for publishing purposes must solely belong to you. You must be the original writer of that content.
  • Tech marketing does not provide you with the surety of publishing every single article you send us. We have the complete right to take decision.
  • If you’ve submitted the content in a wrong category, we’ll publish it under the appropriate one.
  • We have the authority to forward your article to other sites and related email list.
  • If the content of your article is not appropriate and is exploiting the ethical and moral values then we have the right to reject it straight away.
  • We won’t bother to talk with you if your content is found plagiarized. We’ll delete it spontaneously.
  • Tech marketing is a volunteer service provider so you won’t get paid for submission of any article. However, we will give you the complete credit for penning it.
  • We have the right to place the ads on the pages your article is displayed on.

For Publishers

  • The removal of source from any article you chose to publish on your website, after its submission to us is highly unethical and should not be practiced at any cost.
  • You’re not granted  the right to republish any article which is having a republish link on the article page.
  • The respect of an author should not be compromised. Re-writing and editing their content published on our website is not allowed.
  • You don’t have any right to put our articles in spam mails.
  • The sites which promote racism, sexism, pornography, war or anything unethical and immoral are not right to publish our content. You’re strictly prohibited to publish our articles on such sites.
  • You can’t sell our articles unless you have the written statement or permission letter of the original author. Exploiting the policy can lead you to serious trouble.
  • Republishing or printing our articles must be avoided you may be charged a heavy penalty for this.
  • The initials of the author must be kept same in all the links.
  • You’ll be suspended right away if we found you using page scrappers, site crawlers, robots, and other extracting software.


  • The articles published on our site are just meant for information purpose. We don’t take responsibility for their legal accountability. We are also not answerable if their implementation fail practically and prove harmful.
  • We don’t hold the accountability if the content published on our website is misused by anyone.
  • We don’t necessarily agree and believe the points written in articles published on our site. They are the opinions of the writers and not reflect our ideology.
  • Our website contains links of some external websites but tech marketing does not take the responsibility of the authenticity of the content published there. We’re not responsible for their acts.
  • Pop-up ads are not supported by us. If you get troubled by them then they’re not from us.